Pacific Power Dory Boats

Drawing of a dory boat

Pacific Power Dory Boats

Fishermen have relied on dory boats for over a hundred years. Simple and light, yet dependable and sturdy, the dory boat has been loved by commercial fishermen and sportsmen both as it is easy for just one man to pilot it. But, nowadays, dories aren't limited to the seas. Some people even like to use dory boats for whitewater rafting. Many different types of dory boats are built on the East Coast. However, the Pacific power dory boats hail from the Pacific Northwest.

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Fishermen love these dory boats because they are powerful and rugged, yet simple and easy to build. Like other dories, the Pacific power dory boats perform well in choppy seas. Dory boats are also relatively easy for amateur builders to make.

The main difference between the Pacific power dory and other dories is that the Pacific power dory boats have wide transoms with little rocker on the stern. This means that the Pacific dories work better as power boats because getting up on a plane is easier with them than other dory boats. Like the dories built on the East Coast, the Pacific power dories can have engines mounted.

One type of Pacific power dory boat is the Astoria. The Astoria can be built by even amateur boat builders. It can be made of construction grade fir, which can be acquired at most lumberyards. But, it can also be made of the more expensive marine grade ply to make it stronger and more rugged.

Dory boats typically range in length from 16 feet to 22 feet. At 27 feet, the Sitka is a larger Pacific power dory boat. It can handle stormy seas, yet it still light enough to build and put on a trailer once built. The Sitka is made of construction grade lumber then covered with epoxy and fiberglass.

But, the Tillamook is a Pacific power dory boat that is also as rugged and stable as the larger dories, but it can still fit easily into a garage because it is only 16 feet long. This is a great little boat for fishing or crabbing on rivers and lakes.

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